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International Fellowship Training Program in Neurosurgery Xuanwu Hospital Capital Medical University China International Neuroscience Institute (China-INI)

1. About China-INI

The Department of Neurosurgery at Xuanwu Hospital is one of the origins of neurosurgery in China, and one of the cradles for training early neurosurgeons in China. Founded by Professor Zhao Yicheng, a pioneer of neurosurgery in China in 1958, under the leadership of Professor Wang Zhongcheng, Professor Ding Yuji, Professor Ling Feng, and Professor Zhang Hongqi, it has now become one of the highest-impact neurosurgery centers in China. It has 345 beds, 72 doctors, 181 nurses, 8 sub-specialty groups, 26 attending teams, 13 operating rooms (including 2 hybrid operating rooms, 1 intra-MRI operating room), 5 cath-lab, which completes more than 10,000 neurosurgeries each year.

In 2004, led by the Beijing Municipal Government, through the cooperation between Xuanwu Hospital of the Capital Medical University and the Institute of Neuroscience (Hannover, Germany),the China-International Neuroscience Institute(China-INI) project was officially launched. The China Institute of Neuroscience and the Department of Neurosurgery of Xuanwu Hospital are integrated and unified. At the same time, the neurosurgery department is focused on clinical service, and the institute is a platform for research and international cooperation. After completion, CHINA-INI has a brain-shape appearance with 8 floors above ground and 3 floors underground, covering a construction area of 20,000 square meters. It is equipped with cutting-edge neurosurgical machines, including intraoperative-MRI, intraoperative-DSA, neural navigation robots, and adaptive intensity-modulated radiation therapy equipment.

China-INI gathers top neurosurgery experts in China, including the chief expert Professor Ling Feng; Prof. Zhang Hongqi, Li Meng, Zhang Peng, and Li Guilin, who specialize in hemorrhagic cerebrovascular diseases; Prof. Ji Xunming and Jiao Liqun, who specialize in ischemic cerebrovascular diseases; Prof. Jian Fengzeng, Chen Zan, and Wu Hao, who specialize in spinal diseases; Prof. Bao Yuhai, Xu Geng, Chen Ge, Xiao Xinru, Liang Jiantao, and Tang Jie, who specialize in brain tumors; Prof. Du Jianxin, and Meng Guolu, who specialize in pediatric neurosurgery; Prof. Zhao Guoguang, Shan Yongzhi, and Wang Yaming, who specialize in functional neurosurgery; Prof. Wang Ning, who specialize in Head Injury, and Neuro ICU. Together, they form a team providing high-quality medical services in all subspecialties of neurosurgery.

When choosing a training program of China-INI, the participant will gain experience in evaluating and treating patients with the full spectrum of diseases within the specialty, from common cases to rare conditions. And "team approach" is not a cliche here — it's a way of practicing medicine and caring for patients every day. 

2. Program Mode 

◆1-month program

Duration: one month

Observation in one of the subspecialties

Financial support: No.

Six fellows can be accepted per year.

◆Half-year or One-year program

Duration: six months or 12 months

Clinical Rotations: reference to the program of subspecialty 

Financial support: RMB 8,000 per month

Five fellows can be accepted per year. 

3. Certificate

China-INI International Fellowship

4. Applicant Candidates 

◆One-month program: More than 5 years of experiences in Neurosurgery

◆Half-year or One-year program: More than 3 years of experiences in Neurosurgery

◆High English proficiency.

◆Chinese speaking is preferred

◆Research background is preferred

5. Application Materials

All the documents must be in English or Chinese or be translated into English. The eligibility of all the applicants will be assessed according to the requirements by Xuanwu Hospital, Capital Medical University. 

◆Detailed curriculum vitae

◆Study Plan/ Schedule

◆The license of Doctor or evidence of qualifications for medical practice

◆A recommendation letter or certificate of employment with a hospital or institute in their country

◆Copies of diploma of the highest educational degree

◆Physical Examination Record and Blood Test Reports in recent 6 months

◆Two recommendation letters.

◆Copy of all the pages of passport. 

◆Visa application for study in China

◆Application form for international university fellowship 

6. Application Timing

All the application materials must be received half a year in advance. Any late applications will not be considered.

7. Enrollment Date

The Admission letter will be sent to the applicant's email box three months before registration.

8. Registration Period

Late February, May, August, and November in each year.

Expense in Xuanwu Hospital, Beijing.

◆Tuition: RMB 4200 per month; RMB 42000 per year

◆Accommodation rate

Hotel around the hospital: RMB 500-1000 /room per day 

Apartment nearby: RMB 6000-10000 /month

Food cost: around RMB 80-100 per day at Hospital Canteen

Health Insurance fee: RMB 600 per year 

9. Contact Information

Kong Feng,MD

Address: No. 45 Changchunjie Street, Xicheng District, Beijing, China 100053

Neurosurgical Department of Xuanwu Hospital Capital Medical University 

Cell phone number: 0086 -139 1072 8948

Office phone number: 0086- 10 -83199233


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