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Neurospine Training Program

1. Content of Program

◆Visiting/Studying/Training in selected surgical groups led by senior neurosurgeons, the trainee would receive comprehensive guidance and supervision from a professor/senior neurosurgeon.

◆Diseases include: degenerative diseases, spine tumors, spinal deformities, and pain conditions.

◆Clinical training includes: diagnosis and differential diagnosis of craniocerebral tumor, basic and advanced surgical techniques, including minimally invasive and complex reconstruction: multi-modal image Pre-OP evaluation and planning, Advanced image guiding technology, Intra-OP image evaluation, and planning.

◆Optional three-day cadaver autopsy workshops about spine anatomy and instrumentation.

◆Opportunities to participate in the Chinese academic conferences.

◆Opportunities to participate in various research projects of the neurospine center.

◆Visit the neuro-anatomy training center (2 weeks).

◆Surgical plan discussion with all senior neurosurgeons every morning.

◆Whole department collective review of all surgical cases of all subspecialties every week.

◆Entire department collective review of new technique/complicated case every week.

◆Entire department collective morbidity and mortality (M&M) review every week.

2. Duration

◆One month/Three months: observation.

◆Six months/Twelve months: principles of diagnosis, treatment, surgical skills, and adjuvant therapies of neurospinal diseases.

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